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PEST analysis

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PEST analysis

Post  daheff on Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:18 am

Here is what I have for the preseen PEST analysis. Again can people comment on this?

Pest Analysis

Political/ Legal
• Working across the world. Many different legal practices, cultures and languages
• Outsourced many staff. SLAs needed with service providers and need to be audited
• Health & Safety laws to be complied with.
• Bid-rigging investigation will impact on the ways companies bid for projects in future.
• Demand for building work fallen by 10% from 2008
• Market is very competitive (not won all bids)
• Needs to have competitive bid, means that costs need to be cut
• More social awareness for environmentally sound construction & waste management.
• Safety standards for employees, sub-contractors & public are safe.
• Committed to reducing Carbon footprint & minimising impact on environment
• Operate in environmentally responsible way & utilise efficient materials

• Uses latest technology on new projects.
• Works with architects to ensure buildings deliver planned reductions in emissions
• Build new buildings which use renewable energy sources


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Post  Moderator1 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:31 am

Great Start!
I will add few more points!
Regulation for construction companies change..
Changes to employment law,
Change in Health, Environment regulation.

Economic slowdown

Trend moves to a specific type of construction
Eg: Road rehabilitation than new road building

Advancement in project management systems of rivals. (more sophisticated than ours)


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PEST marks

Post  Moderator1 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:38 am

A PEST analysis would give you 1 technical mark easily. Very Happy
And for the Application it would give you approximately 2 marks, if applied correctly. My personal argument is that PEST is time consuming, prepare a PEST if you feel that it is vital for your analysis.
Remember that you need to update your PEST according to the unseen! You might have to relate one issue to different sections of your PEST.
Your examiner answer usually contains a PEST.
It is recommended to have approximately 3-4 points per each section. Don't over do it!!! You will run out of time.
I will guide you to get easy technical marks later!
Please be with us!


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Re: PEST analysis

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