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Focus Marks

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Focus Marks

Post  Moderator1 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:22 pm

According to the PEG "This criterion requires candidates to select the issues that are regarded as the most important
and which will be discussed further within the answer."
What you have to do is to select the most important issues and discuss them. And you need to prioritise, discuss and give recommendations to the selected issues. If you have discussed but failed to give recommendations then you will lose marks!
This is the most easy marks criteria and examiner says that it is usual to give 5/5. So this is a free mark for you all.
What you need to do is to complete your report with selected issues!!!

Very Happy


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From the PEG Spetember 2010

Post  Moderator1 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:26 pm

Suggested approach:
This is not a section of the report as such. Marks are awarded based on the issues which are contained and discussed within the report.

Marking guide:
There are five marks available for this criterion even if there are not 5 separate issues identified. It is for the candidate to determine which are the most relevant issues in the case to be discussed. As it happened, there were five distinct issues, excluding the ethical issues in the unseen material. However, the full five marks were available and awarded even if the candidate did not address all of the five issues.

Most candidates were able to identify separate issues and received good reward.

Common errors:
There were no common errors associated with this criterion which, as usual, was well handled by candidates in the main. It should be noted though, that a candidate who prioritises an issue and then fails to discuss it will not receive credit for that issue under the Focus criterion. Poor time management that results in few issues discussed will have the effect of restricting marks awarded in Focus as well as other criteria such as Judgment and Logic.


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