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Diversity Marks Empty Diversity Marks

Post  Moderator1 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:02 pm

Dear Students,
Today's topic related to assessment criteria is "Diversity". It is about giving real life examples! This worths only 5 marks.
1 mark per example! Remember that simply name dropping would give you 0 marks, you need to explain why it is relevant and try to apply the learning from it to the company. Then you'll get easy marks. Don't over do it. 5 examples are more than enough!
This is my personal opinion regarding using diversity examples!

Introduction- Add 1 example here, Generally about the industry, key companies, competition etc
Discussion- Add 1-2 here
Ethics- Add 1 here if possible, I will give you a common one to use here. Very Happy
Recommendations- Add 1 -2 here

Don't worry if you don't know so many examples! Generally providing 3 examples would give you a pass mark. (60%)


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Diversity Marks Empty Diversity and PEG

Post  Moderator1 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:08 pm

Following is from PEG September 2010.


This criterion seeks to assess knowledge and understanding of relevant real life situations in the same or similar context as that in which the case is set. It also assesses the recognition of commercial or organisational issues relevant to the situation contained in the case whether or not they occur within the same industry.

Suggested approach:
Candidates should seek to introduce relevant examples at the point where they discuss the issue in their answer. Typically, this may occur in the introduction, the prioritisation section, discussion of the issues, ethics or within the recommendations. The main point is that candidates should seek to bring in the relevant example at the point which enables them to elaborate or emphasise the issue which is being considered within the answer.

Marking guide:

Essentially, there is one mark available for each relevant example given, providing it is clearly stated why it is relevant. This is an important point that candidates should note. There are no marks for simply name dropping. The candidate needs to explain why the example is relevant to the point being made. It is possible to quote the same organisation more than once if the examples given support different points.

This was generally satisfactory. These included references to many organisations which are engaged in the TV production industry.

Common errors:
There were few errors as such. Some candidates still tend to overdo it, giving many examples which illustrate the same point which is a waste of valuable examination time. It was surprising how many candidates gave insufficient examples given the nature of the material for this examination.


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