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Technical Marks Empty Technical Marks

Post  Moderator1 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:48 am

Under Technical you get 5 marks. We will show you how to get easy technical marks.

1. It is always appropriate to produce a SWOT (your examiner prefers it) - 1mark
2. It is vital to do a stake holder analysis- Mendalow's Matrix - 1 mark
3. Do your calculations - 1 mark
4. Use Johnson and Scholes Suitability, Acceptability, Feasibility (SAF) criteria at least once, use it for evaluating opportunities - 1 mark
It is easy to get above 4, if you need 1 more, you can use any other model like, Ansoff, PEST, Theory X and Y, Product Life Cycle, BCG matrix, Porter's 5 forces etc.
I do not recommend you to do Porter's 5 forces analysis, describe about one part of it if it is relevant for your discussion, don't produce a detailed one as Appendix, it's time consuming, time is a key resource here!!!
Hope now you are clear with easy technical marks!
We will go one by one! Any comments?


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Technical Marks Empty Technical and PEG

Post  Moderator1 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:16 am

Following is taken from Post Examiner Guide, May 2010, Released by CIMA


The purpose of this criterion is to assess the use of relevant theoretical techniques and frameworks and the provision of calculations to aid the analysis of the case material.

Suggested Approach:
It is recommended that candidates present their technical knowledge either in the form of appendices to the main report (in an Excel spread sheet or in a separate answer book or at the end of the report itself) or referred to within the report where relevant. Some candidatesprefer to present their appendices at the beginning of the report which is also acceptable.

Marking Guide:

Marks are awarded for technical models and theories which are relevant to the case. It is usually appropriate to limit the technical knowledge displayed to 5 separate items.

Most candidates were able to display sound technical knowledge principally comprising a SWOT analysis, the Johnson, Scholes and Whittington SAF framework, a Mendelow matrix and a range of other strategic planning approaches. This was appropriate in this case study. As usual, most candidates performed well under this criterion.

Common errors:
Very few errors were made under this criterion other than some mixing up of the names of individual theorists, for example ascribing Ansoff’s Growth Vector matrix to Professor Michael Porter. It is important that candidates think about which models can be realistically applied to the actual case material rather than simply producing ones that are well known to them and hope they prove to be appropriate. For example, it is always appropriate to produce a SWOT
analysis. It would be expected that the main issues to be discussed in part (a) of the answer will feature somewhere within the SWOT analysis. The purpose of the SWOT is to assist the candidate to identify the main issues affecting the organisation in the case. A SWOT analysis does not need to be very long. It should be long enough to enable the candidate to state what are the main issues contained in the case which must be addressed within the report. It would be very rare for a case study not to have something under each of the SWOT headings.


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